Are you constantly waking up anxious or having trouble sleeping because you think you have a severe illness, cancer, or a brain tumor and not sure if it’s anxiety or not?


For 5 Years I suffered UNBEARABLE ANXIETY. I would not drive by myself, I would feel so shaky and panic if I were left alone. The minute my wife left to run an errand time would slow down and I was thrown into an immediate panic attack until she safely arrived Home. I lost all of my friends and became dangerously close to losing my own wife!


Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar?


Tired All The Time

Start to Sweat Then Your Legs Feel Weak or Shaky

Feeling dizzy to the point where you will pass out

Feel Like You Have to Constantly Use the Bathroom

Feel Off Balance When Walking

Chest Pains

Lost All Interests in Everything – Nothing Relaxes You Anymore

Feel As though You Are Nauseous or Could Puke

Eye Twitching

Feel Short Of Breath or Rapidly Breathing

Feel Like You are Going Insane And Everyone Else Around You Does Not Understand

Heart Skipping Beats 

Feel As Though You Don’t Have Much Longer To Live

 Constantly using Google and are Convinced This Can’t Be Anxiety


Do You Feel Like The Only One With Anxiety?

You are not alone! Here are some people you may know that are plagued with Anxiety and Panic Attacks. This list made me feel better after reading it so I wanted to share this with you:


  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Johnny Depp
  • Oprah
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Kate Moss
  • Michael Jackson
  • Ray Charles
  • Alanis Morrisette
  • Charles Shultz
  • David Bowie
  • Dick Clark
  • Donnie Osmond

And that’s just a SMALL List of Celebrities with Anxiety! In fact 40 MILLION adults in America suffer with Anxiety, thats right 40 MILLION!


Nothing Worked For Me At First!


I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to cure my anxiety. My Doctor put my on SSRI’s and Ativan to help. At first Yes. It helped, but then I was putting myself through an endless loop of masking my symptoms.

I quit taking my meds all together and thought I would attempt an all natural vitamin method to curing my anxiety. I tried every type of magnesium, sunflower seeds, B12 vitamins, amino acids, exercise. All resulting in failure. The anxiety just would not STOP. It got to the point where my “Safe Place” (House) was turning into a prison and I was having more anxiety then ever no matter where I was.


Dr. Google Actually Helped Me Find A Solution.


After Google for years convinced me I was dying I came across a program called the Linden Method. At first I was skeptical. If my vitamins and exercise did not cure me how could the Charles Linden program cure me?

The Videos and Panic Attack Eliminator included in the Linden method was a gift from above. My first day of the Linden Method, I did not notice A difference, probably because I had no hope since nothing has helped me.

The very next day I started really paying attention to Charles and his method and thought, hey why don’t I try this out. I drove to the store for the first time in years and guess what? I didn’t panic, hyperventilate, or even have my wife with me! I had my life BACK!


I Want To Share Some Information On the Linden Method With You



Scientific confirmation of the theory behind The Linden Method


The Amygdala is confirmed by the National Institute of Mental Health (the Institute responsible for the majority of the World’s anxiety disorders research) as the cause of panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
Read their press release

However, whilst the NIMH test a new machine which fires electro-magnetic radiation into people’s brains, I have been using my Method for nearly a decade to achieve unbelievable results without machines or drugs and using the exact same principle! In fact, it works over 96.7% of the time


The Amygdala is the body’s ‘Anxiety Switch’


Under normal circumstances, it remains in the ‘off’ position, only becoming activated when appropriate anxiety is required, in times ofappropriate danger or threat for example.

Repeated activation of this ‘switch’, during times of stress, sadness, grief or anger for example, can cause it to become ‘stuck’ in the ‘on’ position. This allows acute anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias to develop.

This happens when the Amygdala learns new behavior. Because it has been taught a new level of anxiety through your anxious behavior, it incorrectly resets itself to the new ‘benchmark’ or ‘normal’ anxiety level for your body.

Even though you consciously know that it feels wrong, you are unable toconsciously alter it once it has become set.

This process of learning is called Operant Conditioning. Scientists have known for many years that this is responsible for the production of allanxiety disorders, including panic attacks and phobias.

Under normal conditionsOperant Conditioning is used by the brain to acquire new knowledge, like learning to readdrive or play a musical instrument. Practicing (repeating) an action or group of actions, causes us to improve the skill.

This same process happens in every single anxiety disorder sufferer. It is what causes anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. It is this and nothing else, which needs to be addressed and reversed in order to quickly and permanently eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and agoraphobia.

All of these conditions, regardless of how severe they are or how long you have had them, are a result of the very same mechanism and therefore require the very same treatment.

Traditional methods, such as Psychology and Psychiatry, use ‘talking therapy’ to identify the cause of your anxiety or panic attacks, then analyze it over and over again, giving you exercises to follow or even diaries to fill in. The cause of anxiety disorders and panic attacks is not the ‘life event’ that created the stressful environment (abuse, bereavement, work stress etc.)


This is so wrong!


The actual cause is the way the Amygdala responded to that event and continues to produce anxiety and panic attacks, long after the event (when the Amygdala ‘switch’ gets stuck ‘on’.)

By revisiting the perceived ’causes’ during therapy and analyzing your actions, you are actually reinforcing the anxietypracticing it and making it habitual, because it is remains at the very forefront of your mind!



Video Testimonials


Shaun, UK


James Clark, UK


Rebecca Rizzo, USA


Roger , UK


Yes! I am READY to finally get Relief and End my Anxiety Attacks

Want to find out more information on the Linden Method? Click the link below.

See Below for Facebook Comments.


Facebook Comments

Your journey out of agoraphobia is blowing me away! Bl**dy amazing Charles. :-) You are, the greatest ever, man, I can hardly find the words to tell you. It’s almost hard to believe a person like you exists on this earth. I’ve been processing this for a while now. They don’t come around very often but this Charles Linden man is a true Saint without exception. You look up saint in the dictionary and there should be a picture of Charles Linden right there. If the people who criticize him only knew the truth… I know the truth and I knew it from the second I read the website because I know how it feels and I know now that the support system really is very vital indeed *Make sure you use it if you don’t understand.

It’s about learning all about the condition, trusting them 100% and trusting yourself to trust Charles the man and to follow the path they show you to the T!!

Be – very, very, very, very positive everyone. Your troubles are over. That’s my message

Thanks and cheers


Charles,…I have been doing the linden method continuiously for a few week and am starting to feel better and anxiety is happening alot less for me. Thanks


Hi Charles,…My Husband used the Linden Method to get over his anxiety and i was astounded by the results. Many Thanks

Hayley Newland

Hey Charles! I was just talking to my husband and i wanted to share something with you, the first panic attack i can REMEMBER having was when i was in grade 5 primary school, im now 33 and have experienced every single, thought, sensation, or horrible thing along the way and if i hadn’t had my beautiful daughter i would have never found the method or an answer to why i have spent my whole life feeling like i was different…i view my entire life from a different angle since finding you and the method.


Your book has benefited me alot…Thanks.


I had my first attack last July in the car and have been off work since then ( I drive as part of my job). Couldn’t even get in the car as a passenger without having an attack. Bought the Linden Method in March started driving with my husband by the side of me and then he was in the car behind me. Eventually I felt confident on my own but still was worried about an attack and kept having some sensations. I met Charles yesterday and he said three words to me that stuck – JUST DO IT. I drove home from Kiddeminster (150 miles) yesterday with no incident just calm and have been driving around today in traffic jams and all sorts. Just keep telling myself – just do it and telling myself I’m calm. Sensations have gone. I cried too. Charles has guided me back to the old me and I can’t thank him enough.

Andrea John

“First of all I want to say that I had no trust in online anxiety programs but I would have done anything to get well. I was having up to 10 panic attacks a day, DP, DR and obsessive thoughts when I went online and found (sorry) Panic away by Joe Barry and because it was cheaper and claimed such success, I bought it. I knew straight away that it wouldn’t help me. It was well worded but long winded, and I felt that it only addresses the symptoms and not the core problem and after a few days I gave up on it and bought your program. I immediately experienced results. The Linden Method went to the core of my anxiety and I felt immediate relief. I couldn’t believe how many things I was relating to in the roadmap to recovery book! It was quite obvious that you “get it,” and no one else in my life ever did. I was also shocked at how Joe Barry had created his program around a principal that I found in your program on your Panic Eliminator CD, the rest of his program seemed to be padded out; every word of yours was relevant and empowering. Thank you for such a brilliant program… I now feel I am clear of all my anxiety.”

L Cunningham. USA

“I would just like to say that Charles gave me my life back. I have suffered extreme panic attacks for a few years and could not get to the bottom of it. A friend who had used the Linden Method recommended it to me and from the first page my life began to change! Im not saying I was cured straight away but over a couple of weeks the change was fabulous! I’m still recovering and somedays I see a glimpse of anxiety but I’m panic free and my life and my families life are much happier now. Thank you Charles!”

Elaine Kenny

“Hey Charles how are you? I just wanted to let you know that in March me and my wife are heading to Mexico by plane. Flying is something that I have always been terrified to do (even before my anxiety disorder), and thanks to the method yet again I am stepping up to the plate to do something that terrifies me. It is causing me anxiety but I know what it is, and I know I can defeat it when the time comes. Thanks again man! I am also working on that testimonial for you.”


“Hey Charles I just wanted to say mexico was a blast! and myself and my wife had an amazing trip! never thought I would ever get in that plane, but I did and I loved it. Was so awesome! cant believe that i went from almost housebound to flying around the world. its a great feeling!”


“Hi everyone. Charles and Beth have become great personal friends of ours. The Linden Method helped our son overcome the most awful anxiety and panic attacks. We had 2 years of hell until we met Charles. He even made a journey from Birmingham to Bath to help us,at his own expense. Our son is now fully recovered due to the Linden Method.”


“Hi to you too! Thanks so much for your holy grail! It has helped me a great deal. Thank you!”


“You changed my life truly. I have made it to work many a day with you in my stereo. I frequently tell people who suffer about you here in the united states. My wife has been helped by you. I wish you could help Mr robbie williams…no kidding I mean that. So talented (not popular here but i think he is great) and suffers with so much anxiety and panic (ok drug abuse as well…but it stems from that). Best to you in the UK….such a great place to live….great music there…morrissey…the libertines…robbie williams….thanks again”


“Thank you Charles! Thank you so much you have helped me tremendously! I’m panic free for months now! Thank you!”


“Thanks Charles…to you and your family…just for being.”


“Hey Charles, I got your method (in spanish) last year. On the 4th of July, to be exact. I just wanted you to know it did wonders for me. Cheers!”


“I’m a Linden Method “graduate.” :) Thanks for creating the world’s best program, in my opinion.”


“legend mate, really does work, thank you”


“Hi there! im one of your clients! I love the linden method!”


“Thanks for set me free from my anxiety. Your Method is really working!!”


“Thank you for adding me ^^ and endless thanks for your wonderfull Linden Method!”


“I am in the middle of your Cd`s now and I will most definately send you an audio/video spoken in german and then in english when I am done with this. I firmly believe that the Linden method and I together will take away all of this anguish I have lived for such a long time. Again thank you so much for being the person on this planet whom has taken a bit of himself and shared a lot with others in regards to PA’s. God bless you Charles”


“It’s nice to see you on Facebook!! You cured me of my panic attacks, and when I start to feel my anxiety creep up again, I’m able to stop it before I get full blown panic attacks again!! Thank you Charles!!!! You gave me my life back!!!!”


“Hi Charles. Just wanted to let you know that after 3 years I’m finally feeling like myself again. Anxiety is almost completely gone, and I control it and eradicate it when I feel it building. I control it now, it does not control me. I wake up happy and smiling each day. I’m also pleased to say that I am on my fourth day free from medication. I’m pretty jacked about that…I just have to get through the dizziness and vertigo that comes with anti-depressant withdrawal. No biggie though, that will fade soon.”


“It cured me in less than a month!!!!!!”


“You saved my life. I’d be honored if you’d accept my friend request.”


“you’re a good man, thanks for everything”


“Dear Charles, thank you so much for this programme. it kept me from going insane, and still almost every night before going to sleep i listen to one of your relaxation/meditation cds. i’ve suffered from several things for half my life, and even though a therapy i did help, it is only now, that i start to know how to deal with things. so thank you again so much for giving this other approach”


“hi charles, would just like to thank you and your wonderful team, i am now on the mend from my anxiety disorder, im finding it very hard, and emotional at times, but im getting there with all your help and advice, dont no what id do with out your team and method, thank you so much, will let you no how my progress gets better and better!! thank you x”


“Hi Charles, you saved me this last summer from thinking that I am going absolutely crazy! I am using your method and little by little I am starting to recognize myself again! I scare myself still but I know it will get better! Thank you!”


“Hey Charles, your method is amazing! It helped me a lot and I’m back to old self; panic free! I even forget I once suffered from anxiety! Thanks so much! I’ve recommended you to others and they too have benefited from it and continually thank me!”


“SAVED ME…love it! hope all is well”


“You have helped me understand years of torment!!! im feeling so much better! i give big thanks to the linden method xx”


“Hi Charles….am Lina from Jordan .I bought your Linden method pack and it really helped me alot. I wanted to thank you for your help.”


“Hi charles the linden method has been a god send to me thankyou.”


“Hi Charles. Your method is VERY good and VERY easy to use. It helped me get out of panic. And if I ever feel a bit of it I just think of the 9 columns. “It’s not dangerous and it never harmed med in any way.” I dont’ use med. any more an I am having a good life now. So thank you very much.”


“Thank you for The Linden Method. Its simplicity makes it so easy to use…and become whole again. I highly recommend it. God Bless.”


“Hi there, im so excited that im a friend of yours on facebook, it gives me the opportunity to check your page at what others are saying about the linden method.. since i found the linden method i have learnt more about my past anxiety than i ever have before, i actually never knew it was anxiety i was experiencing for the past 20 odd years so there you go! Thanks for developing this method and being so open about your life story, its comforting to know someone else felt the same way when they had anxiety!!!I have a picture in my mind of the person i want to be and i refuse to settle for anything less!! Thanks again!”


“Hi Charles…. I would like to say HUGE thanks for your ‘method’. I was thinking my life was over due to panic attacks and high anxiety last year.. then i read and re read your book and , i remember one very bad day, sat in my car in a car park trying to find the strength to get into college and i was listening over and over and over to your panic eliminator cd… god i was so scared….. and guess what 2 weeks ago i completed my course and am now a qualified hair dresser…. so thankyou for your wisdom, your voice was soothing, reassuring and really helpful… i have since told my GP , pyhsciatrist, (sp) and friends i know that suffer about your terrific work and hope it will go on to help all the poor poor folk that suffer… yuk I’m glad its over for me. Thanks again xx”